Gift Set - Cheetah

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It's time to pamper mom, and treat her to a special day. This limited edition holiday gift set is the perfect present! It featuers 14 non-toxic selfcare products, including 2 non-toxic locally sourced bee's wax candles, a super soft facial cleansing brush, a soothing eye mask, a cheetah notebook, and a wide selection of non-toxic skincare products.

Package Includes:

Cheetah Gift Box

Cheetah Notebook

Pomagranate Massage Oil

Lux Body Oil

Butter Cream

Butter Beads

Lip Butter

Rose Lip Glaze

Locally sourced, non-toxic bee's wax candles (2)

LG Matches

Detox Bubble Bath

Super Soft Facial Cleasing Brush

Makeup Remover Cloth

Gel Eye Mask

Rose Water Facial Toner

⚠️Warning: Our products are formulated with powerful plant based ingredients. Patch test ALL new products to detect and sensitivity or allergies before applying to the entire body/face