Massage and Sanitizer Gift Set

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Our Hand and surface Sanitizer is an Organic formula, Infused with Bergamot essential oil.

This sanitizer is made with 71% organic Ethyl alcohol, effective on hands & surfaces!


The small molecular structure of the Pomegranate Massage Oil enables it to penetrate the skin while keeping the pores clear. It has the ability to soothe & moisturize the skin ans scalp. 

you can apply massage oil to your skin warm or cold, both having their own benefits.  For the Cold Treatment, you can apply the oil straight from the bottle with no preparation needed.  For the Warming Treatment:

  1. Put the desired amount of oil in a microwave-safe container (not original) with the top of the container OPEN to allow the pressure a place to escape.
  2. Only microwave for short periods of time, time depends on size of container and amount of oil being used.
  3. Test the heat of the oil on your wrist. It should be hot to the touch, but should not burn the skin.
  4. If it is warm, but not desired temperature, reheat again in short increments.
  5. Repeat this process until an adequate temperature is achieved.
  6. If the oil is too hot, shake the contents until some of the heat has dispersed.
  7. Massage the warm oil into your skin, working it into the painful muscles.

Like other substances that are high in fat, carrier oils have a limited shelf life. Meaning that eventually they will go bad. It’s important to store oils in their original containers in a cool, dark place, such as the pantry, to maximize shelf life. Average shelf life upon receiving is 2 years.