About Us

 At Lauryn's Garden, we believe that personal care shouldn't come at the cost of compromising your wellness. With your skin being your body's largest organ, it's essential to be mindful of what you put on it. Our mission is to redefine beauty and personal care by crafting non-toxic products that provide as much benefit to your body as the products you consume.

Our boutique manufacturing process involves small-batch production, using easy-to-identify, non-toxic ingredients that are clearly labeled. By choosing cleaner alternatives to your personal care routine, you not only prioritize your overall wellness, but you also contribute to positive change within the cosmetic industry. We firmly believe that toxins have no place in your daily life, let alone in your body care products.

We take pride in using highly vibrational materials from the earth, which encourage self-love and bring out the inner beauty in you. Our products work best when used with clear intentions and positive affirmations, as we believe that beauty shines from the inside out. At Lauryn's Garden, we want to help you embrace your natural beauty and empower you to feel confident in your own skin.